Monday, 21 February 2011

Blending Boho - Matthew Williamson A/W RTW 2011

British Designer Matthew Williamson's inspiration this year was one of Russia's premier avant-garde artists: Francisco Infante-Arana, who made himself a reputation by blending mirror installations into nature to evoke a visual fusion of nature and modern materials.

The contrast of textures, the antagonism of surfaces was mirrored in Williamson's collection, which seemed to be an artsy approach to his grown up bohemian girl.
Like the artist Infante-Arana, Matthew Williamson indulged in a mix of textures, reflections, graphic prints, which echoed in a toned-down way in the wool and leather outerwear.

The recognition effect of Williamson's sophisticated hippie woman, which reflected in Mongolian vests, embroidered dresses and woolen outerwear was combined with leather biker trousers and skirts as well as some sheer synthetic blouses. The weak points in the show were the combinations of plain cut trousers in graphic prints with semi-translucent blouses as well as the assymetrical wrap skirts, which did not transport the otherwise light effortless feeling of the collection. At the same time, some of the coats with fur lining, graphic prints and embellishments seemed too forced.

A collection with interesting silhouettes, sophisticated combinations of textures and materials which left room for lightness and glamour at the same time.


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