Friday, 19 March 2010

One body vs. one life

So what am I trying to tell you here?

It is quite an easy equation, really: I am a strong believer in physical fitness, in good nutrition, in tough work-outs that make you scream, suffer and sweat (well, the screaming and suffering is probably a different story, but we'll get to that another time).
People who shop until they drop to make them feel good about themselves - well, it's not like I don't get you - but actually I have one advise - you can buy hundreds of pairs of shoes - but you only got one body. So you better take good care of it! If you're not comfortable also the latest pair of gorgeous Louboutins won't help you out here. You might be able to change your look - cut and dye your hair, dress in different ways - but your body will always be with you.
And yes, if you really cannot handle it and you are sure that the only thing that can make you feel alright about yourself is plastic surgery, go for it - no judgement.
However, to all those people out there who feel that this measure might be just a tad to drastic for them, you better brace yourself and start loving yourself for what you look like!
Go to the gym, get rid of that extra 5-10 pounds that we're all carrying around eventually and go get that butt of yours be firm and bootylicious.
You've got only one body, your body should be your temple.

Ok, ok...maybe I went a bit over-the-top-no-need-to-become-the-big-moralist...however, here comes the important twist to the story:

My equation from the beginning - You only got one body versus you only got one life:

If your beauty-fitness-delusion takes overhand, you might actually compromise a bit too much on your over-all life quality. Such as - indulging into that gorgeous juicy slice of chocolaty-chocolat cake, the big bowl of pasta with that extra bit of parmesan and if that is what makes you happy - that juicy cheeseburger with mayonese and ketchup. And we're not just talking about food here - if you have to cancel a date because you have to go to your Spinning Class or Body Pump - and that happens frequently, maybe you should re-consider a)if you're exaggerating your exercising plan and b) if you need a new social circle.

Get my point? Set your priorities straight but don't overdo it! It's about the balance, folks!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Very very bad bad girl" - Moment of the moment

OMG, sometimes there is justa line in a book or magazine, a short scene in a film or something a random stranger on the street tells you that you simply LOVE. Something that makes you smile or something that makes you wanna hear/see over and over again until you finally get enough of it - well here is what made me smile today:

"You have been a very bad girl, a very very bad bad girl, Gaga"

Herewith, Glamazone's moment of the moment!


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Vivienne W., Gypsies and Pirates...

...having a wild party with lots of booze and drugs - at least that is what comes to my mind taking a look at Vivienne Westwood's collection that was shown yesterday during LFW. From head to toe, starting with quashed gypsy-headgear, smudgy make-up, a blow-out stole, splashy colour prints on shirts and tights, colourful stripy socks and blue iridescent stockings, the collection had it all that you would expect of a party extravaganza, hosted by the Queen of Punk.

Looking at the pictures, mid-way, it struck me, that there was actually a massive resemblance of a few of the models with Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow cross-dressing into womens' couture- this might have been due to the fact of the make-up effects but also of some pirate-influenced accessory elements like the long gloves and stripy pants and socks. Other models at first glance actually evoked an immediate association of John Galliano with their Prince Valiant look-alike hair-do.

Apart from that, Vivienne Westwood proposed numerous beautifully draped plaids, torn, washed-out and multi-layered pieces with prints that ranged from "prince charming" to the (a bit too obvious) "stop climate change" and various splashed paint prints that were repeated in various items. The scruffy layer-look took turns with romantic tull and chiffon dresses and draped elegant evening pieces.
The careful, yet gypsiesque layering just gave and edge to the collection and showed that Vivienne Westwood is simply authentic, when playing with all the cliches of punk and noblesse and mixing her brith-chic heritage in a wild punk fĂȘte with gypsies, pirates and princesses in disguise.

Friday, 5 March 2010

To brow or not to brow...

...that is the question indeed, after reviewing fashion week's beauty proposals that during this season particularly focussed on eye brows and generally left the rest of the face quite pale and sober.

After last season's nearly disappearing bleached/blonde brows, this season, make-up artists were not quite so in accord with their decisions.

Pat McGrath, one of the most acknowledged make-up artist/goddesses of catwalk make-up worldwide herself even proposed conflictive trends on different runways. Starting from Prada, where the prominent, yet well groomed brows dominated clearly the models' faces to Balenciaga, where some of the models were featured with pastel-ly brows, ranging from ice-blue to pastel green - actually quite reminding me of the chalks that you would endorse the pavement with during childhood days.

Would it be too far-fetched to say that even Johnny Depp's performance as "The Mad Hatter" contributed to the come-back of eye brows with his expressive tangerine scrubby examples? Probably.

So what is it going to be? The statement brow like Prada, Nina Ricci, Dries van Noten or rather the bleached-out retro look?