Friday, 10 September 2010

Socks and sandals

Yes, you read correctly - and no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I am German - I swear! I do know that it sounds wrong and like a classic fashion faux-pas but obviously, I am not talking Birkenstocks & white tennis socks. I am talking the stylish options proposed by Prada, Mark Jacobs and others for this fall/winter season.

As an autumnal chill is starting to creep up our legs, we start wondering how to amend our styles for the cooler seasons ahead.
We are all aware that pulling of this look we'll be balancing on the edge. Which shoes to wear with which types of socks is the obvious question.

 #1: Do instantly ban all imagines of nerdy tourists, ageing hippies, misguided men - actually all lapses of fashion within this category out of your head. Do it now.

#2:  Generally I would really avoid the colour white - and obviously sport socks (!) and opt for some grey, black or neutral shades

#3: Frilled socks? Think about the following: Do you look like a cheap adult entertainment starlet who is trying to fulfill some cliche phantasie? Do you look like you stole them from your little sister?

#4: Texture: Take some inspiration from what's out there - while Prada is proposing the heavy knit knee high socks, MJ is going for thinner ankle socks

#5: If you decide to go for that look, go it all the way! Don't go halfway - it is doomed to look like an accident. Go for the ankle high version or the knee high version.

#6: If it feels wrong - it most likely does look wrong as well - don't force it! Alternative: leg warmers?

My personal favorite: knitted socks with wedges or pumps. Will upload a pic as soon as I find a decent one.


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