Monday, 20 September 2010

The LOVE Machine

Love is all you need. Well, isn't that what they say?

If you are staying at St Martins Lane Hotel sometime during fashion week and October 15th, never mind if you did forget your Rolex at home. Simply pop down to the lobby and get one out of the 24h vending machine. Sounds ludicrous to you? Well, it isn't.

The LOVE Machine by Selfridges is a unique temporary retail concept, which will dispense a delicate choice of carefully selected luxury goods of Selfridges' product range. Curated by Katie Grand - editor in chief of LOVE Magazine - the luxe vending machine is a hybrid of a hotel gift store and a micro high-end boutique, which offers 32 exclusive items of the Selfridge product empire.
Amongst the eclectic selection are luxury items like the Amazona handbag by Loewe, an Alexander Wang leather & sequin dress and a vintage Rolex watch but also more affordable items like exclusive nail varnishes by Dior or Nixon Nomadic volume-control headphones.

“I wanted the products to be a mix of extreme luxury – so there’s a vintage Rolex watch – to the affordable, my favourite items being ‘secret socks’. I had no idea just how many fashionable men wear secret socks – and how many male celebrities, one very famous male pin up in particular!” stated Katie Grand.

Instant love available at:
The LOVE Machine
St Martins Lane Hotel,
45 St Martin's Lane


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