Saturday, 28 August 2010

Recession curves

A homage to women – and better times

While the effects of the crisis are still perceivable in many countries, the look of the 50ies and 60ies instantly reminds us of boom times.

The tight sweaters shaped by the 50ies conical bra, suspender belts & girdles worn under petticoats or pencil skirts evoke a desire towards the classic femininity with its shapes and curves. The aesthetics of an era we instantly associate with the economically wealthy times of the 50ies and 60ies.

Golden Globe and Emmy awarded AMC series „Mad men“ brought us - together with the look of the early 60ies - a new femininity on the screen. On the catwalks, foremostly Miuccia Prada and Louis Vuitton confronted us with a new female paradigm. Curves replace androgynous shapes. Bosom, waist and hip have been re-discovered as the headturners of the seasons to come.
It's high time to celebrate feminity and its icons - time to say goodbye to utility chic and casualization after decades of androgynous, sober boy-ish figures on TV and on the catwalks. The body ideal has been changed to female heroines with explicitly curvy bodys.
A healthy share of the re-discovery of the feminine female body, can surely be attributed to "Mad Men" and its fabulously talented costume designer, Janie Bryant who has been digging up petticoats, pencil skirts, costumes, cone shaped bras and suspender belts to celebrate the gloriously iconic fashion times of the 50ies and 60ies.

Even the toughest jeans & t-shirt warrior is sighing in melancholy in sight of the 50ies a-shaped skirts or 60ies pencil skirts ...well, if these are leaving you cold, then it is the men in dinner jackets that make your heart melt.
Somehow the imagination of dressing up according to certain rules and re-inflicting real glamour and style onto us gains momentum, doesn't it?!



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