Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I love my scarf

If you consider Hermès scarves to be an old fashioned accessory only appropriate for elder ladies and polished upper class mademoiselles, think again.The traditional French fashion house has launched a new website called J'aime Mon Carre ("I love my scarf"), where the brand proves to be perfectly up to date with zeitgeist and young urban fashion culture.

The website has been launched to mark the creative liaison between Hermès and Parisian ueber-hip concept store Colette , who have teamed up for a special edition of scarves, which will be sold exclusively at Colette during September. is a cool omnium-gatherum of snapshot-like photographs, shortfilms from fashion & style capitals (Paris, London, NYC & Tokyo) and inspiration for Hermes devotees. Classic Hermès carres are featured  in hip & stylish street looks. Colorful pictures feature creative ideas of how to wear the carre as headbands, turbans, tops or belts and of course as a scarf.
Far from dusty, elitist snobbery, Hermès displays the fun and contemporary appeal of its silk pieces and invites younger generations to be creative, cool and sexy with them.

Hip footage, wide arrays of photo material, street style galore, a treasure chest full of ideas and inspiration to target younger trendier customers and involve them in what feels like a community.
A brilliant approach to make the brand accessible to a younger and hipper target audience who might have reservations towards the brand otherwise.

My opinion? Do I really have to spell it out? I heart Hermès.



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