Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lady or Tramp - Moment of the moment

Tehehe - am still laughing about Derek Blasberg's contribution on, in the framework of the launch of his latest publication "Classy - Exceptional Advice for the extremely modern lady".
Checking on a day-to-day basis, of course I had to come across the "Are you a lady or a tramp quizz" and here is my favorite quote of it (For your understanding: the context is arguing how to solve a problem with another individual of the female species)

"...the internet isn't the way to go. Online rumours can be started about you, too, and just because you start the first rumour doesn't mean yours will win. The best approach is face-to-face. Just avoid the C-word, B-word and the word that starts with S*** and rhymes with "hut". A lady should be smart, funny and hit them where it hurts."

Wonderful, isn't it? So, ladies or tramps - this is the way to go! Let's try to only make "educated insults" this week, shall we?!


Source: Classy - Exceptional Advice for the extremely modern lady, Derek Blasberg, 2010, Razorbill Publishing

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