Friday, 2 April 2010

Field Study: Chatroulette

Alright, I mean, being proud part of generation "all-now-everywhere", I most certainly have to keep myself updated with the latest hypes on the internet and therefore I could no longer ignore Chatroulette. After having heard and read a significant bit about it - i.e. that existing since Nov '09, Chatroulette has around 20,000 new users every day - helloohooo?? Seriously? Wow! ...and also that there is a lot of old dudes shall I put it - well, let's not sugarcoat it - masturbating - of course I had to check it out.

So, for all of you, who are living in full autarchy in a cave, dressed in fur, swinging the good old cudgel, here is a tiny explanation: it quite literally is a virtual roulette of all people who - just as yourself - have no life and nothing better to do that to video-chat with random people out there and casually fulfill their exhibitionistic or voyeuristic phantasies.

Well, this evening, I was part of these individuals and spend a bit of time with it - for research purposes only of course (that btw. is always the motive when I try to find an excuse for something really stupid)- and here are my few impressions:

Keep in mind the following rules:


b)Please stay clothed

c)Please click "Report (F2)" if you don't like what you see

So, as - for most obvious reasons, I did not want to put my face out there, I put on a hat and biiig sunglasses - and after a while even covered my mouth cowboystyle with a shawl.
Here's my resume:

- countless - and I repeat COUNTLESS shirtless dudes - most of them also wanking off
- maaany teenagers, male & female, mostly in pairs giggling and staring on screen
- many many old, ugly, lonely dudes
- puberty!!!
- few scenarios of what looked like "chatroulette" parties - i.e. computer plugged to TV and larger groups of people watching about what was to happen on the screen
- few people who seemed to be taking statistics (maybe like me?? haha)
- few ladies making a strip show, i.e. showing boobs or more and touching themselves (note: surprisingly good looking ones as well)
- funny people who would be making faces, had sheets with funny comments or funny costumes - note: u can have funny conversations with people trying to get to c ur boobs
- some freaky fetish people
- and last but not least - also a few people who would just chat with you nicely and without sexual undercurrents (!)
- Cute people who would sing songs for you and believe they made ur day!
- freaky ppl staring at u
people that seem caught in the act of something..weird, isn't it??

I have to admit retrospectively, that I enjoyed some of the voyeuristic pleasures - and with that I do not mean the disgusting guys and their tiny wiener - actually I found it fun and entertaining to get a tiny peak into the life of so many people!

Well, now here comes the funny bit: I promise, I was not naked, neither did I ask people for weird or sexual stuff - and guess what, you have the possibility to block chat-partners that you find inappropriate - and if 3 people do that - you're blocked for 40 minutest - now guess what - I got blocked twice!!! :o
And I could tell by myself as well - actually it is just another way to reject strangers brutally - apart from the fact that I blocked all perverts, I also blocked the really ugly, horrible ones...tehehe - mean, huh? :D


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